Product Customization Program

A customization program, for a truly one-of-a-kind customer experience!

A generous palette of finishes and coverings:

  • 13 metal colors
  • 10 solid birch colors
  • 10 distressed solid birch colors
  • 9 solid ash colors
  • More than 70 coverings

Thanks to our online configurator, you can see in real time what your products will look like!

Shop by Trend


You love curating your surroundings with a hipster look, a relaxed ambience, and the out of the ordinary. Gleaming metals, pure, flowing lines, and shiny surfaces call your name.


Inspired by factories from the industrial era-influenced by a modern touch, your home embraces mixed raw materials. Concrete, matte metal, distressed wood, worn bricks. For sure your décor has a story to tell.


Inspired by pretty country houses decorated with care and good taste, your home is a warm and welcoming place where your family loves to spend time as seasons go by. Solid wood, natural fiber textiles, family photos on the mantelpiece and this lovely antique in the room have just what it takes to add that authentic touch to your classic, soothing and timeless décor.


Get into the Scandinavian mindset! Picture it: you live together in a white interior with pale wood, little hints of color, clean lines, soft materials, and minimalist geometric accents. The space welcomes people as they come and go. It’s airy, open, and full of natural light. You feel connected with nature and would happily spend hours together just being in the space. Everything is so cozy you and your family can just curl up anywhere. So clear your mind, relax, and just enjoy living together.


Ah, that special haven where everything is soft, elegant, romantic—and glamorous. You love the feminine lines of the furniture and the stylish sophistication of the ornamentation.


Wood accents and warm, irresistibly tasteful colors. Chez vous, old-fashioned finishes and textures pair perfectly with floral prints and stripes.

Your Look, Your Style, Your Home

Amisco, a Quebec-based Canadian company, takes great pride in designing and producing residential furniture that satisfies the tastes and needs of all ages. Our top-quality furniture reflects the latest North American design trends, and we are committed to producing pieces our customers will enjoy using day after day.

Some of Our New Products



Non swivel stool

Upholstered seat and backrest




Upholstered seat and backrest



Table base
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